Partnering Services

Complex projects often involve multiple stakeholders and require four effective "C's" and an all important "T" - collaboration, cooperation, communication, conflict resolution - and trust to hold the whole thing together.

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Business Process Improvement

Businesses operate as integrated systems, not organizational functions. Problems occur when the ball gets dropped during handoffs from one function to the next. Significant opportunities abound through facilitated analysis of core business processes to improve quality and reduce cost and cycle time.

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Supporting Services

Do you have a situation that needs some immediate attention - a team in conflict; a process in trouble; an executive challenge? TransTech's coaching, facilitation and problem solving support may be the solution.

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TransTech Consulting is your go to place for all things Partnering. Whether you need an experienced workshop facilitator, help setting up an effective Partnering program, or even assistance mediating conflicts on a critical project – we are here to help.  Contact us for a free consultation and quote.
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