Why TransTech?

TransTech Consulting is one of the pioneers of the Construction Partnering process.  Beginning in 1992, TransTech began facilitating Partnering workshops for the Arizona Department of Transportation, often considered the benchmark for how to manage a successful Partnering program and process.

Over the past 25 years, TransTech principal Russ Hanson, has facilitated over 500 Partnering workshops across the United States and Canada.  His Partnering experience includes:

♦  Heavy civil highway constructionConstruction1
♦  Building construction
♦  Complex information systems design and installation
♦  Inter-agency relationships
♦  Tribal projects and inter-tribal meetings
♦  Flood control projects
♦  Design charettes and design/development projects
♦  Customer-Supplier relationships

US93BighornSheepCrossing   He has worked with such agencies as:

♦  State Departments of Transportation
♦  Federal Highway Administration
♦  US Forest Service and National Park Service
♦  County transportation and wastewater departments
♦  Municipal water, power and sewer systems
♦  Bureau of Land Management
♦  Universities
♦  US Army Corps of Engineers
♦  Western Area Power Administration


TransTech is experienced with all types of project delivery methodologies:Construction5

Design – Bid – Build
Design – Build
Construction Manager at Risk (CM@R)
Job Order Contracting
A+B contracts


In addition to his facilitation experience, Russ Hanson and developed and taught numerous
Partnering related courses, including:

  • Introduction to Partnering
  • How to Make Partnering Work in the Field
  • Forging Synergistic Relationships with Customers and Suppliers


For more information about Russ’ qualifications and experience, read his full bio.