Client Feedback

FeedbackWhat are TransTech Clients saying about Russ Hanson?


“Thanks for conducting a great Partnering Workshop.  We accomplished a lot in one day and your leadership and advanced preparations were a major factor in that success.  The project is off to a great start.  We at FHWA could not be more pleased.”
Ken D.
Senior Engineering Manager – Operations
FHWA – Arizona Division  


“This job honestly has the best teamwork on a large scale that I have ever witnessed in my career. I’m sure it has a lot to do with these surveys and workshops but from owner to third tier subcontractor it seems very well connected.”
Matt S. – Project Engineer
RailWorks Track Systems, Inc.

“Everyone feels very comfortable with Russ; he guides the conversation into very productive areas.”
Project Manager, Granite Construction


“Russ did a great job of keeping us on task during meetings and making us think of things from a different point of view.”
Construction Engineer, LADOTD


“I thought Russ was very knowledgeable with his vast experience.  His real-life experience brings to the workshop a sense of understanding to our unique situations at our work.”

“The “Win as Much as You Can” game was great!   This was an awesome workshop & I learned lots about people in general and my co-workers.  Most classes offered by Choice put me to sleep!”

Team Members from Property Systems
Choice Hotels International


“Thank you for being such a great facilitator and supporter of partnering!  It’s always a pleasure to see how you support the project teams and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you!”

Bonnie O.
Partnering Administrator
Arizona Department of Transportation