Process Improvement

System View

System View of an Organization

People work hard at what they do.  And they do the best they can with what they’re given.  More often than not, if things are going wrong it isn’t because of the person or people involved, it is the SYSTEMS and PROCESSES in which they function that are at the core of the problem.  The solution is to fix the process, not the person.

The business management models and methods used successfully by American corporations for over 100 years are no longer getting the results needed to compete in today’s rapidly changing, customer-focused economy.  Work that has traditionally been organized around tasks and functions must now be structured around processes and systems.

The methodology being employed to examine existing processes and design more effective approaches to meeting business goals is commonly referred to as “business process reengineering.”  This can range from analysis and improvement of an existing process, all the way to radical reinvention of a major business segment to achieve dramatic changes in the way work is accomplished.


TransTech has considerable experience in facilitating the full range of process improvement and process reengineering activities.  Services provided include:

Business Process Improvement Consulting and Facilitationcross-functional-process-map

TransTech can work with your staff to identify areas of greatest need and maximum potential for improvement.  Our expertise is in facilitating cross-functional teams to analyze key business processes from beginning to end to optimize the entire life cycle of the process.  Metrics are established for comparing the current baseline with the proposed new process and then measuring performance as improvements are implemented.

Process Improvement Workshops

  • Training in the tools and skills of process analysis, improvement and management.  This includes relationship mapping, process mapping and analysis, development of new process models, implementation planning, measurement tools and process management techniques.
  • Facilitation of teams to teach and apply the concepts of process improvement to specific business needs.