BPI Training and Facilitation

Organizations are often managed as a set of functional departments rather than as a system of interdependent business processes. “Business Process Improvement and Management” is a hands-on workshop that teaches you how to apply a four-phase model of process improvement. You will use several kinds of mapping tools to “view” one of your existing processes, identify “disconnects,” and create an improved process design. Then you’ll begin an action plan toward this optimal design that includes performance measures, management reviews, and a process for continuous improvement.

Cross Functional Process Map

Cross Functional Process Map

During this Two-Three Day Program –Participants will learn how to:

•  View organizations as interconnected systems of business processes
•  Link process improvement activities to critical business needs
•  Create a variety of relationship and process maps to analyze existing
systems and develop optimized ways of operating
•  Identify the common sources of process errors and inefficiencies
•  Develop meaningful performance measures for process operations
•  Establish process management structures to assure performance is
sustained and processes are continuously improved

This workshop will benefit:

Business executives
Department managers
Reengineering teams
Organization design /development specialists
Quality managers
Process improvement teams


•  Functional vs. systems view of the organization
•  The four phases of process improvement and management
•  Process Identification – linking critical business needs to process improvement
•  Establishing process improvement teams – goals, charter, project plans
•  Process Analysis – relationship maps, process maps, identifying disconnects
•  Process Improvement – performance measures, action plans, implementation
•  Process Management – permanent process teams, managing performance, continuous improvement

 Course Outcomes:

•  Understand the basic concepts fundamental to business process improvement and management
•  Apply the tools of process mapping and analysis to an existing business process
•  Develop an action plan for continuing the process improvement effort upon return to your organization

Registration and Fees:

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