Support Services

Often times, during the course of a project or as part of normal business operations, special circumstances arise that require assistance from an experienced, neutral third party facilitator.  TransTech provides personalized support for many of these challenges:
One-On-One Coaching

Coaching has proven to be an effective method of helping people achieve significant goals, improve performance, strengthen leadership skills, and accelerate the pace of making a personal or professional transition.  It involves a privileged, one-on-one partnership with the client to help the individual set goals, develop and implement strategies, resolve problems, and stay focused on what’s important.  TransTech’s coaching expertise centers on the following areas:

•  Interpersonal and group communications skills
•  Leadership and management style
•  Mission, vision and values
•  Managing employee performance
•  Personal behavioral style (Myers-Briggs, DISC, etc.)
•  Effective interviewing/hiring
•  Team and staff development
•  Conflict resolution and problem solving with team members
•  Effective meeting management
•  Strategic planning and goal setting
•  Organization assessment and effectiveness
•  Managing change

Coaching services may be provided via face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations and e-mail exchanges.  Individualized programs are established based upon client needs and the nature of the services requested.  TransTech’s commitment is to be responsive, flexible and available to serve the client as effectively as possible.


Conflict ResolutionConstruction4

An unbiased, third party facilitator can be key to resolving conflicts between individuals, groups, or organizations fairly and effectively.  We teach and facilitate a no-lose approach to conflict resolution that focuses on all stakeholders getting their NEEDS met.  Note, this does not mean everyone always gets what they WANT, but no one walks away feeling like they lost.

If you’re stuck and can’t find a way out that is satisfactory to all parties, we can help.


Other Facilitation Services

 TransTech has years of experience in facilitating a multitude of diverse group meetings.  We can design and manage meetings focused on:

•  Strategic Planning and Goal Setting
•  Public Participation
•  Formal Consultation Meetings with Native American Tribes
•  Innovation and Creative Problem Solving Teams
•  Large Group Events – Open Space Technology, World Cafe, Appreciative Inquiry


Team Building

Team BuildingIn today’s complex and fast-paced work environment, people can no longer operate independently.  Achieving organizational goals almost always requires a high degree of communication and interdependence among people; in other words, good teamwork.  However, simply forming a group and assigning a common task does not ensure that the team will work together effectively and accomplish its purpose.  Teams need to be developed and learn how to use their individual and collective strengths to produce a synergistic effect.

TransTech provides a comprehensive and multi-dimensional approach to team building that is designed to identify and remove blockages to team effectiveness and strengthen team member relationships.  The elements of this methodology include:

 ASSESSMENT – Use of survey instruments and personal interviews to evaluate the current condition of the team and its members, identify issues and establish team building goals and objectives.

 TEAM INITIATIVES –Highly experiential team challenges that are designed to evoke the communication patterns, leadership styles, problem solving approaches and levels of trust and risk taking common to the team. Team building workshops can be conducted in the work setting, in off-site meeting facilities, or in alternative settings.

FEEDBACK – Structured opportunities for team members to give and receive construc­tive feedback about their behavior in the group and how it helps or hinders the team from achieving its goals.

GOAL SETTING AND ACTION PLANNING – Based upon the data developed in the group experiences, the team sets goals and develops an action plan for transferring its learning back into the workplace.  This plan centers on specific actions that can be taken to enhance team performance and improve member relations on the job.

FOLLOW UP – Facilitated follow-up sessions with the team to reinforce positive team development and assess current issues that need to be resolved for further improvement.